Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just Hopping Down the Bunny Trail (or Slopes)

It is officially that time of year again. The night when all the crazy ski bums in the state of Utah gather at Abravanel Hall, to pay homage to their one true god. Yes that's right, I am talking about Warren Miller. The Warren Miller movie is a religious experience for those who wait all year for the first snowflakes to fall, and they wake up with excitement on a snowy morning as if they have never seen the stuff before. It is the time of year when you see hitch-hikers lining the roads of big and little Cottonwood canyon, and you don't think twice about stopping to give them a ride because we are all one big happy family up on the slopes and why not help a brother/sister out?
Now I know you are probably thinking "Paige, I have never even heard you mention skiing/snowboarding. Why are you subjecting yourself to being around all of these dirty people that haven't showered in weeks (and a few that showered a couple of days ago in preparation for the big event), just to partake of the knowledge of Warren Miller?" Well, I must tell you that, I don't consider myself a regular on the slopes, in fact I am lucky if I make it up once a season, only to take two runs down and spend the rest of the afternoon in the lodge or the car eating granola bars. Again, you are probably asking yourself "why do you care about the Warren Miller Movie?"
Well, my friends, I will explain.
1. It is a tradition with Mike and Spencer to go every year therefore officially kicking off the season. Honestly, it takes all of mine and Steph's strength to keep them from jumping out of their seats every time someone pulls off a gnarly jump!
2. When the movie is over and I am walking out of the theater, I think to myself, I can do that. It can't be that bad. Never mind that I HATE HATE HATE! being cold. Never mind that I am sore for days afterward. Never mind that I ultimately spend the entire day by myself because Mike has been going for years and is therefore really good and he gets bored with trying to teach me how to get on and off a lift without falling. I will go because I will have a good time and I have access to the greatest snow on earth!
3. This year was especially important because my birthday gift from Mike (and Spencer and Steph-thanks again) was to be completely outfitted in snowboarding gear, THE WORKS! Including classes. So by the time we are living in California, where I can really put my skills to use, I should be doing something like this . . .

A girl can dream right? Anyway, happy winter sporting to you! Whatever it is that you do to make the best of the long cold months we have bearing down on us. And good luck, too-I don't want to see any broken bones!