Friday, October 15, 2010

My Oh My!

I honestly can't believe where the times goes. Ben is already 3 and a half months old, and he is the cutest little thing ever! So much has happened since his arrival and now here I sit, at work, when I would rather be at home cuddling with my little man. I started work on Monday and honestly this has been the hardest week of my life. I thought it would probably be nice to have a little change of pace, but boy was I wrong. I loved the pace life was going before work started up again. But I will grin and bare it for now, and I know that it isn't forever and I will eventually be able to stay home with my kiddos.

Ben is so much fun these days. He is smiling tons and has found his voice. He makes this high pitched squeal, then looks at me like "did you hear that? I did that!" Then he smiles and coos until he decides it is time to squeal again. He loves his bath time, although he clenches his little fists so tight you would think he was terrified. I am not sure why he does it, but otherwise he is full of smiles in the bathtub.

We took Ben to Utah for a couple of weeks to introduce him to his aunts and uncles and cousin. It was so fun to be there, but I am not going to lie, it was a little stressful, too. There are so many people you need to see and places you need to go. But I wanted to show him off, so I sucked it up and spent much time in the car driving to and from the homes of friends and family. I think Ben had a hard time adjusting when we got back to California. He was so used to being held 24/7 that when I had to put him down he would give me the saddest look, and whimper until I picked him up again.
He loves to suck on his hands! Consequently, the front of his shirt is always soaked in drool. Also, lately he has started to wiggle free of his blankets. Yes, I swaddle him (as tight as I can get him, and I thought it was pretty tight) and then lay a blanket on top of him and I went in this morning and he was sprawled out, uncovered and about a foot from where his blankets sat in a pile in his crib. I guess it is time to introduce the sleep sack-I am pretty sure he can't wiggle out of that, unless he has a little Houdini in him. That would be pretty impressive.

He is gaining weight like crazy! His face is rounder and his little thighs are getting chunky. And he is so long! Imagine ME having a tall son!? We will see if he continues to grow like that as time goes on. We love our little man.