Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just Hopping Down the Bunny Trail (or Slopes)

It is officially that time of year again. The night when all the crazy ski bums in the state of Utah gather at Abravanel Hall, to pay homage to their one true god. Yes that's right, I am talking about Warren Miller. The Warren Miller movie is a religious experience for those who wait all year for the first snowflakes to fall, and they wake up with excitement on a snowy morning as if they have never seen the stuff before. It is the time of year when you see hitch-hikers lining the roads of big and little Cottonwood canyon, and you don't think twice about stopping to give them a ride because we are all one big happy family up on the slopes and why not help a brother/sister out?
Now I know you are probably thinking "Paige, I have never even heard you mention skiing/snowboarding. Why are you subjecting yourself to being around all of these dirty people that haven't showered in weeks (and a few that showered a couple of days ago in preparation for the big event), just to partake of the knowledge of Warren Miller?" Well, I must tell you that, I don't consider myself a regular on the slopes, in fact I am lucky if I make it up once a season, only to take two runs down and spend the rest of the afternoon in the lodge or the car eating granola bars. Again, you are probably asking yourself "why do you care about the Warren Miller Movie?"
Well, my friends, I will explain.
1. It is a tradition with Mike and Spencer to go every year therefore officially kicking off the season. Honestly, it takes all of mine and Steph's strength to keep them from jumping out of their seats every time someone pulls off a gnarly jump!
2. When the movie is over and I am walking out of the theater, I think to myself, I can do that. It can't be that bad. Never mind that I HATE HATE HATE! being cold. Never mind that I am sore for days afterward. Never mind that I ultimately spend the entire day by myself because Mike has been going for years and is therefore really good and he gets bored with trying to teach me how to get on and off a lift without falling. I will go because I will have a good time and I have access to the greatest snow on earth!
3. This year was especially important because my birthday gift from Mike (and Spencer and Steph-thanks again) was to be completely outfitted in snowboarding gear, THE WORKS! Including classes. So by the time we are living in California, where I can really put my skills to use, I should be doing something like this . . .

A girl can dream right? Anyway, happy winter sporting to you! Whatever it is that you do to make the best of the long cold months we have bearing down on us. And good luck, too-I don't want to see any broken bones!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I HAD a Birthday-Shout Hooray!

I know this is a couple of weeks late, but thanks everyone for the happy birthday wishes. I guess I ought to tell you what we did for the big day (one in which I officially entered my LATE twenties! YIKES!) Anyway, I had a great birthday with many different celebrations (thanks to my fam and friends).

Last weekend we went out with a group of friends to The Melting Pot for some awesome food! If you haven't been there, I highly recommend it. I am sure you all know the gist of how things are done there, so I won't go into detail. I must say though, that I am a freak when it comes to cooking meat. I am always so paranoid that I am going to eat undercooked meat, mostly chicken, and then get really sick. Because of this I rarely order chicken at a restaurant, so I must say that I was really worried when we had to cook the meat ourselves, but everything turned out great and they tell you if the meat comes by land (pork, chicken, beef) cook it for 2 mins and if by sea, for 1.5. I probably left everything in for about 5, but it still tasted so good. :)

Mike and me blurred by steam from our fondue pots.
Danny and Jacy (thanks for taking pics guys)
Spencer and StephAnd this was probably the most exciting part of our night (yeah I know, we need to get out more) but oh well. We were sitting at our table and outside we saw this really nice Range Rover pull up. Now it was a nice car, so we were all a little intrigued, but then it got even better. The door opened and out stepped Deron Williams. All five-foot-nothing of him. Ok, I know that is an exaggeration, but compared to the guys he was with, his entourage, posse, call it what you will, he looked so tiny. We all just stared to see where he was headed. Now, the windows to the restaurant weren't tinted or anything, so he could clearly see that we were all full on staring, but we didn't care. (and like he was really bothered anyway.) Just a pinch of excitement to add to our fun night.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I was tagged by Senessa and Lindsay in the same day and this one has been going around, and until that day I was really glad I hadn't been tagged because I was really not wanting to share these things but I guess I will, since you have all shared yours.

Quirks about me (and FYI I am cringing right now even thinking that I am going to put these out there. Even Mike may not know about some of these.)

1. When ever I am going to be gone all day long, for example leave for work at 7:30 and get home from school around 9:30, and I am just going going going, I have to go home and just walk in the back door and stand in the dining room. It is weird, but I have always been that way. I just need to be in my house for a minute, and then I am good to go wherever I need to go.

2. When it comes to drying my hands in a public restroom, I count out the paper towels that I use, but the number varies with every paper towel dispenser, and although I know that the hand dryers are more sanitary and "environmentally-friendly" I HATE THEM! They take way too long.


3 hand waves in front of the little sensor
Ones with the lever

7 pulls of the lever

Stack 'em-up-inside kind

4 yanks on the paper towel
3. Whenever I am driving ona road that I take quite often (like the road to work or to my parent's house), I like to look at the houses and businesses along the way as if I were a visitor seeing these things for the first time. I like to ask myself if I were a visitor, would I like to come back to this place, or is one time enough. Everytime I do this, I usually notice something new. It is really interesting.
4. I love to vacuum, just to hear stuff being sucked up by the vacuum. Unfortunately I don't participate in this activity as often as I should, but when I do vacuum, I really enjoy it. What is even better is using a steam cleaner on your carpet. We (Lindsay-Power and I) did this before we moved in to our house and it was seriously exhilarating! I loved comparing a newly clean strip of carpet to the one next to it just waiting to be cleaned. Maybe I should see if Stanley Steemer is hiring. (right now I know Mike is thinking that either my mom or sister is writing this post, but I promise, babe-it is really me.)
5. When I sleep, I have to wear pajama bottoms (sweats actually), and a t-shirt (I am sure Mike loves that-sorry babe), but then in the summer I will ask Mike to crank up the AC and turn on the fan in our room. In the winter I will open the window and again turn the fan on, but then curl up with the sheet, blanket and down comforter. Also, when it is hot outside, I still have to sleep with a heavy blanket covering me. I cannot sleep with just a sheet. It drives Mike crazy! Also, on that note I always have to have one foot out of the blankets to keep me cool.
6. I am a mystery buff. Books, movies, TV shows everything. Now you may ask, why is this considered a quirk? Well, I get really excited to watch these things, but then when they are on, I get really uneasy. I have to have a blanket, and I can't ever be by myself while watching them, and then I will leave the room when things get too intense. Then it (the subject of the movie or TV show) usually bothers me for weeks. Unfortunately I always forget this nasty cycle I have and go right back to them. At least with an intense book I can just put in in the freezer. (Just a little Friends reference for those of you who are in the know).
Now you know more about me than you ever thought you would want to. I am sure there are more than just these, and if it were pet peeves, my head is full of them today, and I could go on for days.
P.S. I tag YOU!