Monday, May 24, 2010

Never thought I'd see the day!

Well, folks, here you have it. I always told myself "no public belly pics!" I figured I would always just be around for those I know and love to see me grow and there would not be a need, but as we all know, I no longer live near most of you, and although I hate to do it, I decided to post a pic of me and baby, to let you all know that I have not been taken over by the baby and I still feel like myself (most of the time). I took this picture on Saturday, at 32 weeks (or to those who could care less about the time in weeks, just over 7 months!)

Just to make this short and sweet, pregnancy has been good to me. (I am knocking on wood while typing this). I haven't been very sick, and I love feeling him move. He is more of a stretcher than anything. Not tons of kicks, but mostly a good elbow or knee, or sometimes even his bum will make a weird sort of lump that pokes out of my belly. I have noticed that he likes it when I eat popscicles and ice cream. Those two things make him go crazy, like he is doing gymnastics in my belly.

We are so excited to meet our little man. I don't think our conversations consist of anything but him. We are so excited for the new adventures that are about to come our way.