Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Late Memorial Day to you all!
Memorial Day always brings around the same traditions in my family. On Sunday, we always head to the Provo Cemetary to visit my mom's family. We have done this for as long as I can remember. It wasn't always the experience that is is these days. As kids I just remember it being a way too long drive, and then an even longer wait at the cemetary while the adults shared stories about the ones we were visitng. Then we had to walk through the whole cemetary and all we wanted to do was go the park, have a picnic and play.
These days, we appreciate it a little more and we are able to join in on the stories that are shared. Even if we didn't know the visitees, we love to listen to stories about them and learn new things every year. This is a couple that I did know, and I knew well. This is my Great-Grandpa Ed and Great-Grandma Hazel (my mom's grand parents). These two were so spunky! And they always had popscicles in their freezer, saltine crackers in the pantry and piles and piles of golf balls and golf clubs in their basement. That kept us entertained for hours.
This is Brooks' first experience with the cemetery. My poor sister told us that she sat down with him and told him where we were going and that we don't step on gravestones because it is disrespectful. Well, Brooks is 2 and I am sure the only thing that registered in his little head was "step on gravestones". Good effort, Erin, but he was going to do it anyway. And heaven forbid you stop him.
On Monday, we usually get together for a little BBQ, and some games. Although this year the games didn't happen, we still made hamburgers at my parent's house.
And last but not least we went to hang out with Mike's family. We sat outside talking for a while, but soon it started to get dark and while the boys were outside throwing hatchets at a big log, I know, don't even ask, the girls decided to go in and watch a movie. We watched P.S. I Love You. I had never seen it before, and unfortunately, I still haven't finished it (thanks, Mike), but I was such a cry baby through the first half. It was good, but I couldn't stop crying. It is a good thing Mike came in when he did, or I would have probably dehydrated myself. I do want to finish it though. Maybe a night when I am feeling really tough!
All in all it was a good weekend. No work on Monday, and time to relax and hang out with the family.

I Have the AWESOMEST Dad!

About two weeks ago, my dad biked a century bike ride. It isn't really a race or anything, but it is quite the accomplishment. It is a 100 mile ride that starts at the Utah Fairgrounds and you ride out to Antelope Island and then back to the fairgrounds. CRAZY! I am so proud of him and I know he has really been working hard to be able to do this ride. Way to go, Dad! We love you!

This is my Dad and my nephew, Brooks right after my dad finished the ride.
And this is Brooks waiting for Dad (Papa, to him) to ride by. It was a really hot day and they had popscicles for the riders when they finished, but they couldn't stop the friends and families from getting their hands on a couple, too. Brooks' looks delicious, doesn't it? You can't see it, but it was dripping down his arm and on to his shoes and pouring down his chin all over the front of his shirt. (Refer to top pic). Man we love this kid!

It's About Time!

Well, it finally happened and I have to say, honestly, I had my doubts! And it definitely doesn't help when both parties are commitment phobes, although I think she got over it faster than he did. Spencer and Stephanie, two of our great friends FINALLY got married. They had been dating for about 4 years, off and on and off and on and, well you get the point. Anyway, they finally did it! Kudos you two! We love ya!

Spencer's friends and Halo competitors and mountain biking companions (although I think Steph now holds that position) and just about anything else that guys do together, these guys do it.
(L-R Danny Diehl, Dave Jeppson, Spencer Randle, Mike, and Matt Metcalf)

The girls posing for a quick pic (L-R Jacy Diehl, Stephanie Randle, Me and Melissa Metcalf)
I just thought this was so cool. It is an ice sculpture/flower vase. Pretty cool. I have to admit I was tempted to lick it, but I held back.