Friday, October 10, 2008


I was tagged by Senessa and Lindsay in the same day and this one has been going around, and until that day I was really glad I hadn't been tagged because I was really not wanting to share these things but I guess I will, since you have all shared yours.

Quirks about me (and FYI I am cringing right now even thinking that I am going to put these out there. Even Mike may not know about some of these.)

1. When ever I am going to be gone all day long, for example leave for work at 7:30 and get home from school around 9:30, and I am just going going going, I have to go home and just walk in the back door and stand in the dining room. It is weird, but I have always been that way. I just need to be in my house for a minute, and then I am good to go wherever I need to go.

2. When it comes to drying my hands in a public restroom, I count out the paper towels that I use, but the number varies with every paper towel dispenser, and although I know that the hand dryers are more sanitary and "environmentally-friendly" I HATE THEM! They take way too long.


3 hand waves in front of the little sensor
Ones with the lever

7 pulls of the lever

Stack 'em-up-inside kind

4 yanks on the paper towel
3. Whenever I am driving ona road that I take quite often (like the road to work or to my parent's house), I like to look at the houses and businesses along the way as if I were a visitor seeing these things for the first time. I like to ask myself if I were a visitor, would I like to come back to this place, or is one time enough. Everytime I do this, I usually notice something new. It is really interesting.
4. I love to vacuum, just to hear stuff being sucked up by the vacuum. Unfortunately I don't participate in this activity as often as I should, but when I do vacuum, I really enjoy it. What is even better is using a steam cleaner on your carpet. We (Lindsay-Power and I) did this before we moved in to our house and it was seriously exhilarating! I loved comparing a newly clean strip of carpet to the one next to it just waiting to be cleaned. Maybe I should see if Stanley Steemer is hiring. (right now I know Mike is thinking that either my mom or sister is writing this post, but I promise, babe-it is really me.)
5. When I sleep, I have to wear pajama bottoms (sweats actually), and a t-shirt (I am sure Mike loves that-sorry babe), but then in the summer I will ask Mike to crank up the AC and turn on the fan in our room. In the winter I will open the window and again turn the fan on, but then curl up with the sheet, blanket and down comforter. Also, when it is hot outside, I still have to sleep with a heavy blanket covering me. I cannot sleep with just a sheet. It drives Mike crazy! Also, on that note I always have to have one foot out of the blankets to keep me cool.
6. I am a mystery buff. Books, movies, TV shows everything. Now you may ask, why is this considered a quirk? Well, I get really excited to watch these things, but then when they are on, I get really uneasy. I have to have a blanket, and I can't ever be by myself while watching them, and then I will leave the room when things get too intense. Then it (the subject of the movie or TV show) usually bothers me for weeks. Unfortunately I always forget this nasty cycle I have and go right back to them. At least with an intense book I can just put in in the freezer. (Just a little Friends reference for those of you who are in the know).
Now you know more about me than you ever thought you would want to. I am sure there are more than just these, and if it were pet peeves, my head is full of them today, and I could go on for days.
P.S. I tag YOU!


Senessa said...

WOW and I thought I was bad!!! hahahahahaha Thanks for sharing with us!