Sunday, September 2, 2007

Queen Academy or BUST! Girl's Camp 2007


Dustin and Lindsay said...

Yeah! A new post! I've been coming to your blog FOREVER waiting for a new post....that's so cool you got to go to girls camp. I just got called to YM too :-/ I sort of feel not old enough to teach YM. You?
Sounds like you're doing great!! I'm glad Mike is finally home!
Love ya - Linz

Niki McDowell said...

I with Linz, I've been waiting for a new post. Sounds like you had so much fun, I too like the both of you have been called to YW's and I love it. Congrats on being the "Big Booty" champ. Reminds me of freshman days when we would play that with all our friends on Sunday nights. Great memories!

The Daniels said...

Ahhh....Big Booty! Brings back lots of great memories. It's no wonder you were the champion. You've had lots of practice!