Sunday, September 2, 2007

I think I did this wrong, but oh well. Still getting the hang of things. Girls camp started out with a bang, about six-thirty on Monday morning. Man it was all I could do to get the bagels and orange juice there on time. I am so not a morning person. Anyway, we got to camp, at Bear Lake. And it was sure to be a fun filled week. We started setting up the tents just as the wind started to blow. And boy did it blow. That was certainly an experience I won't forget, but the girls had a great time and they all thought that it was very funny. Then the games began. (please refer to pic #1). We played your traditional girl's camp games, and I must say that this blog is being written by the BIG BOOTY Champion! Hollah! (Erin that was for you). Anyway, lots to write. so little time.
Next we took the girls on surrey bike rides, pic 2. If you haven't been on one, I recommend it. I had a blast, as did the girls. We had 2-man, and 4-man bike, and we rode on a trail around the lake for about an hour. I must say, that we had a bit of bad luck on our bike, and as we were turning around to head back to the bike rental shop, a mean old lady on a bike rode right in front of us, and, oops, we hit her. Now we were nearly stopped, so she didn't even fall off her bike or anything, but boy was she mad. The girls thought this was pretty funny and couldn't hide their giggles, so we had to skedaddle as fast as we could pedal. I have to admit, it was pretty funny though.
The water was gorgeous, as you can see. And it was, surprisingly, not freezing. I must admit, I never got in, but I was able to take some pictures. and get my feet wet, but as Assistant Camp Director, there really isn't a lot of time to play. If the girls are occupied, you are getting the next activity ready. Don't get me wrong though, I found some time to enjoy myself. Another fun thing we did was have a sand castle building contest. Again I think I will have to toot my own horn, but yeah, my team won. TOOT! TOOT!
Anyway, I think I will stop talking now. . .Oh one more thing. We went to the Pickleville Playhouse, and saw a play called "A Pirate's Life" and it was probably the funnest thing we did. I will try to find a clip or something somewhere, but if you are ever up visiting Bear Lake, this activity comes highly recommend. Check it out, you won't be disappointed. The girls laughed so hard the entire time. I did , too. Anyway, that is what is up here.
Also, my hubby is back and all is well. School started and he is busy and I am busy, but it is great to have him back.


Whitney said...

Paige sounds like you had a great time at girls camp! I was also the Camp Director for my ward. It was great fun. We did a Survivor theme. We should get together for lunch sometime soon!

DD Timothy said...

Sounds like a blast!!