Friday, April 15, 2011

And So It Goes

It's true. We are indeed back in Utah.

And while I am thrilled to be here, our journey back was quite the adventure. There are certain reasons I always tell Mike that I will NEVER drive through Donner's Pass anytime from October to April! But yet there we were, heading out of California, in March, in the middle of a, quite literally: blinding, rainstorm. And yes, when one reaches a certain elevation, rain inevitably turns to snow and we ended up right in the middle of the reason that I don't want to make said drive. And to make the trip even more awesome, soon enough, we were stopped on I-80 with snow piling up all around us. But I tried to be positive, for sure traffic was just backed up cuz of the weather and we would be on our way in no time. Here is the view from my car.

and here is our adventure in numbers:

Interstate 80

1 gigantic snowstorm

5 hours not moving on the freeway

3 diaper changes

2 bottles

1 nap

2 girls needing a bathroom

(I started to think crazy astronaut lady wasn't so crazy after all-

adult diapers-wise, not crazy stalker-wise)

2 girls needing a nap

8 inches of snow

2 audio books

1 set of tire chains

(1/2 set lost somewhere along the way)

45 car pile-up

24 hours total in the car

(split between 2 days)

After all that time, we eventually started moving (Wahoo!) and I was psyched to plow through the snow in my little car that was equipped with snow chains, only that wasn't the case. The mean men turned us around! (Boo!) We had to go back the way we came and try it again the next day. We spent the night in Sacramento and took a different route the next day. We still needed chains and at a high speed of thirty miles an hour, lets just say that we were in for a looooong day.

But as I mentioned before, we made it. At 1 am we pulled in to Kaysville.

Now here we are. I have had a blast this past month hanging out with my little man, and as this picture would suggest, he loves hanging out with me! Or, maybe he just loves being outside. Either way, we are doing it together and I am loving every minute of it.

This little man will be 9 months tomorrow. I can't believe how time flies. He is rolling everywhere and has just gotten the hang of army crawling. In fact, yesterday I was in the kitchen and he was in the family room and I suddenly heard his little hands pulling himself across the wood floor to the kitchen and as soon as he got there, he rolled over and was content to play with a nearby waterbottle at my feet. He just makes me smile.
Are you smiling, too?


Chanty Cling said...

Too cute, I am glad that things are going well. I can't believe that trip here, what a mess. We will have to get together soon. That would be nice to get out and do something. Love ya.

Tammy said...

I have your blog on a reader so I rarely make it to your actual page, but the top picture you have of your little guy is so sweet and adorable. What a precious baby!