Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Great New Year to You!

To ring in the New Year, we decided to jump in the car and head to Morro Bay, a little beach town about 3 hours south of San Jose. It was so much fun, and yes, just as you see in the pictures, it was stormy and cold, but it just added to the adventure.

We got there on Saturday and the rain was pouring and the wind was blowing and it was so cold, but we were going to enjoy our time, dang it! So out we went. We met some friends and headed to the beach. We made it to a saltwater taffy stand, about 100 feet from the car, and took shelter there while enjoying some delicious taffy and scalding hot chocolate (I just got feeling and taste back in my tongue yesterday).

We decided to fore-go the beach and head back to our rooms for dinner.

When our cell phones couldn't get reception and our TV had a hard time getting a signal, and the wind was literally howling at the windows, I started to feel like I was in a really bad slasher movie. You know, one of those movies where you find yourself yelling at the stupid damsel! "Don't go out there!" or "Don't open the door!" or "He's right behind you!"
You get the gist.

Look at that face!

I am actually grateful for the storm. We were able to stay inside, order pizza and just enjoy each others company. We played a rousing game of phase 10 followed by good conversation with a huge bag of candy on the bed and the baby asleep in the closet. Don't worry, it was a roomy closet (kind of) and it was dark and it was just while we played our game and then we put him down in his bed.

Come on, we aren't those people. Or are we?

Anyway, we wish you all a merry new year.


Tammy said...

Look at Ben's cheeks! What a cute boy!

DustLinz Anderson Family said...

Ben is such a cutie!! i loved reading your year in review....and just realized Grace and Ben have the same birthday...sweet!!

Marcie said...

Paige, your baby is SO darling. I hope you are having a great 2011 so far!