Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What a Year! {2010-Year in Pictures}

We spent this day at the beach, something that is turning into a little tradition.

{I know, the title says "Year in Pictures" but honestly pictures are no fun unless you get the whole story. It won't be long, just a little background info.}

Mike and I spent Valentines day on a picnic in a Redwood forest. It was so neat and so cool-literally, the weather was chilly.
Later on that month we found out that we were going to be having a baby boy.


In March, my sister and her husband came to the Bay Area so Bryan could meet with a couple of clients. Luckily we got to snatch them up for a couple of days and some time well spent in
San Francisco.


Hmmmmm. . . . . . . .I guess it was a pretty quiet month. Really, I can't recall something worth mentioning that happened. Maybe we went to a baseball game. That is always a good guess.

Moving on.

My family came out for a visit! We went to Pebble Beach AND we got to go see Wicked again (after spending hours walking through San Francisco)! I love love love this show! and I love love love the company. Thanks for the visit.
And from there, we went on our Babymoon. Although, we weren't alone, I couldn't think of a better couple of people to spend this trip with, who, might I add were also on their baby moon. Thanks Randles for a good time, and for being pregnant at the same time. I am pretty sure this trip wouldn't have happened if me and Steph weren't both dying for a vacation and some nice relaxing on the beach.

Mike had to go back to Utah for 2 weeks for Army stuff, and he pretty much looked like this the whole time. While I was home praying Ben woulnd't make his appearance early, and looking a little like this.


Welcome Benjamin Michael Burgin.
Born July 16, 2010 11:00 a.m., 19.5" 7lbs.
Our lives have changed so much and we haven't been happier!

Mike passed the CPA! No more studying! No more books! But sorry, he can't do your taxes. He is an auditor, not a tax-er (sorry, I don't know the word for those guys).

We took Ben back to Utah and blessed him at my parents house. It was a great day! Ben is certainly loved!

I must point out that his shoes were hand made by a friend of my moms. They are going in a case forever! So darling!

Halloween. Red Hot(s) Chili Peppers. Enough Said

We had our first official family pictures taken at the beach. Ben was so cooperative. I think he mostly loves having his picture taken, which is a good thing since I am almost always armed with some sort of photo taking device (usually my phone).

Merry Christmas!
We were able to spend our holiday with family and friends in Utah. Ben is so much fun these days. His little personality is really making it's appearance and we can't get him to hold still (proof is in the blurry picture). He rolls from side to side and from tummy to back. He is just now starting to eat from a spoon and loves it! He is so much fun and I feel like this is the best year we have ever had!

I hope you had a great year and that 2011 brings you many wonderful memories! Thanks for being a part of our lives.


Erin said...

so fun! I love the recap. I can't get over that last pic of Ben and megan. He is certainly happy with his aunt. thanks for sharing. We had such a great holiday. Love you.