Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Last Thing

Over Labor day weekend, we decided that we probably ought to have one last hurrah with the Randles before we move, so we met up in Las Vegas (the Randles currently live in the middle of no where southern Arizona). We (Steph and I) thought that the boys could golf and we could get a spa treatment. It ended up being probably 150 degrees outside (maybe a little less) so the boys gave up on golf while Steph and I were hanging out in the mineral pools at the spa. It is a difficult life we lead. Then we headed in to Vegas for some, you guessed it, shopping and good food.

In the spa, they had these signs everywhere. I am pretty sure they were directed at all the twenty-something girls who come to have a treatment done, and all they want to do is talk. We thought it was pretty funny.
We ate dinner at Maggiano's, an awesome italian restaurant. It was the first time I have ever had a five course meal, and paced myself enough to still be able to enjoy a leisurely walk down the strip afterward.
The Randles
And the whole gang.

We thought it would be fun to go to the Excalibur and see the Tournament of Kings. And it was really fun. While I was there, I decided 'what the heck!' I am going to enjoy this.' Steph and I cheered so loud for our knight, and at the end he apologized to us for not winning. I am pretty sure that the rest of our section hated us because we wouldn't shut up. After the show, the knights were outside taking pictures and signing autographs. We thought we totally needed a pic with our (little) knight. He was up on a horse the entire time, so we had no idea he was so tiny. I guess in mideval times, you didn't need to be tall, as long as your horse was the same height as the other guy's. It was really fun, although next time I go, I am bringing some silverware with me. I don't do so well when I have to tear my food apart with my hands.

Thanks you guys for a fun weekend. We will see you in California soon. :)