Monday, November 17, 2008

Hangin' Tough! (PS-I'll Be Loving You Forever!)

OMG! This weekend rocked! While Mike was in Draper doing his National Guard stuff, I was in West Valley participating in the ultimate girls night out! Yes-I am talking about the New Kids on the Block Concert! I could have sworn I was a 12 yr old inside a 27 yr old body! I don't think I have ever screamed so much in my life! As many of you know (and some of you probably have no idea) I am a HUGE New Kids on the Block Fan. Always will be. I had the t-shirts, the nightgowns, the posters, all of their cassette tapes and not to mention the VHS videos of their concerts, and much much more! I was obsessed! Well, much to my enjoyment, they are back! The tour came through SLC (or West Valley City-as it says on the back of my t-shirt) on Saturday night and it was the funnest thing I have done in a long time, all inhibition went right out the window (I am talking about the screaming and the dancing.) I went to the concert with my old friend Chantel. We would sit in my bedroom for hours on end memorizing all the words to their songs.

I thought I would throw a few fun pics on here to get you all reminiscing too!

I know we all had out favorites-who was yours? Mine was Jonathon Knight (the oldest of the group and probably the most mature, I'm sure.) FYI-He is the one in the awesome blazer and mustard yellow shirt-SO CUTE! (Cute in the nineties at least).

And this is the T-shirt that I purchased to wear proudly to the gym and the grocery store and anywhere else that I can get away with wearing an over-sized t-shirt. Also, the 1st pic is the one printed on the t-shirt, if you were wondering!

The pioneer boy band in all their glory!

Donnie (front and center, the resident Bad-Boy) thinks he is so cool! Although I must say that he is quite the entertainer when he is by himself on stage
Man-I thought we would be watching a bunch of old men hobble around on stage, but no, they've still got the moves. I could have danced right along with them-nothing has changed in 15 yrs (that is how long it has been since the last time they performed on stage, if you were wondering.)

And here they are today. Ready for their GQ photo shoot. My favorite today would have to be Joey McIntyre. He played Fiyero in Wicked on Broadway-enough said!
Anyway, just thought I would let you all know that if you talk to me in the next couple of days I might still seem a little bit giddy. Don't worry, it will pass. Man I love these guys!
Peace Out!


LindsayKeller said...

My friend Liz went to that concert too! She loved it! By the way, 27 is NOT old.

The Arbuckle's said...

Oh my goodness I LOVED NKOTB. I had all their stuff I even had a NKOTB Birthday Party.

I want to go to a concert.

Whitney said...

that is SO awesome that you got to go to this! I wanted to go so bad! So were they really that great?!

Paige & Mike said...

YES! Enough said!

Mechelle said...

Chantel told me about the concert! sounds like it was a blast- how can I ever forget the sing a longs in your play room?!

Erin said...

Can't believe you went to NKOTB! So appropriate. So many memories of them being played in your room, under your posters. I am so glad you go to go. Looks like a great blast from the past.

Doug & Darci said...

You are so funny! Metalica and NKOTB in the same month. Hope to hear some good stories over Christmas. Take care!

Lynn and Jill said...

Memories of the you and Amber... dress up days and dancing in the FRoom came rushing back to me as I read your NKOTB adventure. Made me smile. I miss seeing you Paige and hope your life is all you wished for back in the day! xoxo

Senessa said...

Coldplay and NKOTB...So JEALOUS! I really want to see Coldplay, I did see New Kids in like 89, I was actually wearing my concert t-shirt the other night to bed!!!