Monday, June 9, 2008

Peanuts and Cracker Jacks!

Well, it is officially Mike's favorite time of year again. With thirsty Thursdays ($2 beers, not that we participate, but it so much fun sitting the stands with those that do), all you can eat Tuesdays- $1 hot dogs, although again I don't participate (I think baseball season would be so much better if I liked HD's), and heckling, cheering, heckling, cheering, and so on. We LOVE Bees baseball in our house and our reasons are 3-fold.
#1 They are the official minor league team of SLC. Support your local teams!
#2 It is just fun to go to a baseball game, eating your sunflower seeds, and peanuts and hot dogs and churros and kettle corn and, well you get the point, and enjoying the warm spring and summer nights.
AND. . .
#3 Mike's most favorite reason being that the Bees feed in to the Angels. Mike is the HUGEST Angels fan and if we are lucky, we sometimes get to see Angels players playing for the Bees! When a major leaguer gets injured, they like to keep them playing during their recuperation, so they drop them down to the Minor team, and lucky for us, we get to watch them play.
This is D. Brown. He is one of our faves to cheer for! He will look up and wave or smile at least one time every game. I love it that the players don't feel like they are too good to interact with the crowd. D. BROWOON! (His last name always seems to come out as 2 syllables when I yell it, so that is what I imagine it would look like spelled out!)
My friend Jacy has on two occasions managed to score "suite" seats! (pun intended). They really are great seats and it is great that we can go inside if the weather is chilly (unfortunately it was both times). We still had so much fun, thanks Jacy!
Tickets are actually really inexpensive. You can get student rates, or it is fun to buy the outfield seats and take blankets and just hang out. It makes a great date night or FHE. And if the kids get too bored or rowdy, you don't feel bad leaving because you didn't spend a fortune.

I don't think anything represents the American Past-time better than this. (The Diamond, not the bee).

I am thrilled that I have a husband who loves activities like these, even if he has to practically drag me out to the field, he knows I will thank him for it later. We always end up having a blast!
And as if watching it is not enough, we have to get in our time at the batting cages as well. I have actually gotten pretty dang good!

Go Bees!/Angels!


Jeff and Whitney said...

We should definitely get together sometime for a game. When does Mike head out? Or has he alredy? If so, we should hit up a game when he gets back.

Dustin and Lindsay said...

How fun!! We went to a Texas Rangers BB game, and had a blast. I love the cute pose with the bat!

BBLuv said...

Hey Paige!!!! I seriously have seen your name on people friends list but didn't realize it was you til today when Megan told me it was!! I am so happy to see you on here it is so fun to read about what you are up to these days! Send me your email and I will send you an invite to my blog. (it is private)

BBLuv said...
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Erin said...

Paige and Mike, you guys should get a prize for being the biggest bees fans ever! I mean it. I am so impressed with your support. That D. Brown guys hould put you in his will.

BENOIT said...

I have never been to a Bees game or into baseball but you inspire me. Preston & I should give it a try. Looks like you guys had a great time.

*The Diehls* said...

YEAH FOR BEES GAMES!! hey and your welcome for scoring those awesome suite tickets... twice!! But maybe next time we go I can show some more skin and get Freddy to get us even better seats!

Rick&Gina said...

PAIGE! Hello miss! Long time no see. You and your hubby look like you are having a ball! Good for you. So who is the Angels fan? Their field is gorgeous at sunset.
Come to my blog and say hi.Its ""

BeesGal said...

Hi Guys,
Dee's starting to swing a hot bat, which we really need right now. See you soon! . . .BeesGal (Anita)

Butler Blog said...

Hey Paige, this is Elysia (Cannon) Butler. I found your blog through Morgan and I wanted to say hi. We have been wanting to take the kids to a baseball I think it's time to venture out and do it! I'm gonna add you to my blog.