Saturday, August 4, 2007

me myself and I

Well hello there! Just thought I should probably update this thing. I am sitting at home on Saturday night, just me myself and I. Mike is gone at an army training, and has been now for about two and a half weeks. We have another two weeks left to go. I have been taking this time alone to get things done around our house. ya know, like deep cleaning, giving stuff to the DI, etc. . . I hope he isn't mad when he gets home. I did get rid of his fave pair of shoes, that he has had since before we got married. He shouldn't be surprised though. I always threaten to do it and I finally did.
Well, I got a new job, so now I am working two. I like to have the hours filled. I am working at a local appliance and mattress store. I know, lame, right? But actually, you'd be surprised. It is really fun. And I get a killer deal on appliances!
So I am still trying to put some pictures up on my blog, but I am having some issues. Eventually, I promise.
Well, I am the assistant girls camp director in our ward and we leave for camp in two and a half weeks. I am actually really excited. We got a cabin for the leaders, but for certification, the girls have to sleep in tents. I am going to sleep out there with them, should be interesting. I would like to think of myself as a seasoned camper, but you never know with bunch of teenage girls running around, ya know I was once in their shoes and we weren't very nice to our leaders. Oh well.
Anyway, that is probably enough for now, so I will try to update this more often. See ya'll later.